28 octubre, 2011

[36] Advice.

"Sometimes you have to be your own hero."

Are you alone in this huge world now? You can´t understand the road that your life is choosing everyday, everywhere. You only question all time: "Why me?"
Let me guess. You want to dissapear. You wish go far and never look back. Maybe you did a bad decision, Can it be? But if you did it, now it´s too late to correct it, you know.. 
Don´t think never in stupid things like that. Your life is beautiful and you can´t  waste time all time! Haha. 
The most important thing is be yourself. Look at your life, look at your destiny. When the sun goes down, a new day awaits.
 Can you see better? Do you need help?
I´ll be here when you need me, baby.
(Al least all the times I can)

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